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We are about creatively managing creative people. About guiding artists through their professional career. About helping them achieve real creative satisfaction.

Throughout the years, we made our own set of greatest hits.

1) Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

The most important question. Because we believe itʼs not about wandering on the

path well traveled. Of course your comfort zone is cozy, but will it make you happy?

Letʼs make an effort to find out what you really want.

2) Itʼs A Family Affair

Dont get us wrong. Weʼre not your mom. But our ambition is to become a close relative.

Because relatives know and understand each other. They recognise the problemes and

know where the solutions can be found. And they have the guts to be frank.

3) The Makings Of You

Whatʼs the essence of your art? We are interested in finding out what really makes you tick. And then laying out the masterplan to get there.

4) Iʼm Sexy And I Know It

And we know it too. Because you are unique, our plan for you will be unique as well. Our

expertise combined with your skills will lead to a personal roadmap to fame, fun and

fortune. And in the end, thatʼs what makes our work interesting and your work truly


5) State Of Independence

We donʼt have any ties with bookers or other agencies. For us, thereʼs no incentive to

squeeze every penny out of you. And because weʼre independent, we can focus on your person and your artistic development.

6) Take The Long Way Home

We are not interested in quick wins. Because easy come, easy go. Sometimes it takes a

bit longer to get where you want to be. Or much longer. But we donʼt mind. And neither

should you. Because thereʼs bigger value in street-credibility and art from the heart than

there is in skin deep show and quick bucks. So join us on a trip on the long and winding


Rokin 69 (unit 2.1)  |  1012 KL Amsterdam  |  The Netherlands  |  +31 6 20131963  |   MAIL  |  FACEBOOK